Starbucks Card: Turn Your Visits Into Rewards

Are you a Starbucks fan like me? Well if you are, I bet you also heard that our favorite coffee shop has launched its stored value slash loyalty card. Two months ago, Ivan and I were one of the lucky first 100 who won an exclusive invite to the much-awaited launch and got a Starbucks Card first-hand with Php 300 load by just presenting a receipt as proof of purchase! Yeeeeeey!

Starbucks put up the launch at the entire area of the Glorietta Activity Center and there were a lot of beverage stations and photo booths around. Everyone in Glorietta even those who haven't got the chance to be one of the lucky winners can visit the booths for photo-opt and sample beverage! 
What a Starbucks Day, right? :"> 

Photo Credits: Starbucks PH Facebook Fan Page
Photo Credits: Starbucks PH Facebook Fan Page
Photo Credits: Starbucks PH Facebook Fan Page

While waiting to go inside the venue proper, these sample beverages were served. Everyone was delighted to grab one cup and I wondered how happy they would be if they were full-sized drinks. Hihihi!! 

Say hello to the first 100 Starbucks fans who won pre-loaded cards and exclusive invites to the launch!!

Photo Credits: Starbucks PH Facebook Fan Page

See our happy faces? Hihihi! 

I was so amazed how Starbucks prepared for this event. Look how starry and elegant the invites are!! 

Tadaaaaaah! Here's the Starbucks Card everyone's been crazy about!! 

If you are not familiar with what Starbucks Card is, I'll share a bit of information about it. The Philippines Starbucks Card is a stored value card as well as a loyalty card that offers you rewards when making purchases at any Starbucks store in the Philippines. 

You may purchase one with a minimum load of just Php 300. The amount will be loaded into a Starbucks Card and will be used to purchase your favorite Starbucks item right away. You may reuse and reload your Starbucks Card with additional value using cash, debit card or credit card at any PH Starbucks store.

After purchasing the card, you are opt to register it on This will allow you to track your transactions up to the last 90 days and enjoy balance protection for lost, stolen or destroyed cards. Upon initial registration, you will also enjoy any Grande handcrafted beverage on your very next visit
and any slice of cake with a purchase of any handcrafted beverage every year on your birth month.

But wait, there's more! The Starbucks Card is more than just a stored value card! You earn 1 STAR for every purchase of any handcrafted beverage of any size, 250g of whole bean coffee and 12-pack of Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew using your Starbucks Card.

With the stars you collected, you may redeem the following rewards:
Any Grande handcrafted beverage for every 12 beverage stars
Any 250g of whole bean coffee for every 10 whole bean stars
Any 12-pack of Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew for every 10 Starbucks VIA® Stars

Starbucks-themed Stage Setup! ❤ I told Ivan that I wanted to bring home the big Starbucks logo myself plus the big Starbucks Card!! Yeah I admit it, I'm such a STARBUCKS GEEK! :P

Adding up to our happiness and excitement for the much-awaited Starbucks Card launch are the complimentary full-sized beverages, sandwiches and pastries for everyone who were exclusively invited to the event. Weeeee! I ordered Chocolate Cream Frappuccino which I've never tried before. Apparently, I loved it and I'll definitely order one on my next store visit. 

Finished my Frappuccino in minutes!! :P

Meet everyone who attended the Starbucks Launch this year!! 

Photo Credits: Starbucks PH Facebook Fan Page

The program was hosted by The Morning Rush DJs, Chico, Delamar and Gino.

Photo Credits: Starbucks PH Facebook Fan Page

The special guests everyone's been waiting for, Zia Quizon and Rico Blanco.

Photo Credits: Starbucks PH Facebook Fan Page
Photo Credits: Starbucks PH Facebook Fan Page

Despite the fact that we haven't finished the whole program, I'm still super happy and overwhelmed because I've been a part of this once in a lifetime Starbucks event!! ❤ 

Have you got your Starbucks card already? 
Grab one now!! Lots of perks in stored for you! 

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