Oh my July, Goodbye!

Hey Girls! How was your week so far? I hope everything's settled, now that July's saying bye-bye. :( Well, I've been very busy enjoying July and I haven't noticed that time flew already. My previous posts are not enough to express how happy July made me, so I wanna share the other happenings here as well.

More Than My Wishlist

Have you read my #21stBirthdayWishlist post? Well if not, you better read it first before you continue reading this. The main reason why we write wish lists is to give people an idea of what to wrap on our birthdays or other special occasions. However, when I opened all the presents I received from family, relatives and friends, I realized that I haven’t received everything I. Why? Because I've got MORE than I wished for. Loooook!! 

My Birthday Dress

As I said in my birthday post, I love PINK and I think that was the main reason why I chose to wear this on my very special day. Every detail on my dress is something I love or something you can actually relate with me. First is the color PINK which you knew already. Next is the BUTTERFLY PRINTS which symbolize the freedom to make my dreams come true. Since I am now 21, my dreams also doubled up and I think these butterflies will serve as a reminder for me to achieve my dreams the best way possible. Last but not the least is the BLOOMING NECKLINE which symbolizes that as we aged, we also bloomed to who we are meant to be and we are closer to the person we want to become. 

Location: SM Aura Premier 

Dress from Candie’s 

Hearty Earrings from Forever 21 

Paris-themed Charm Bracelet from Bijoux de Lou 
Bow Ring from Accessorize 
Classic Watch from Swatch 
Navy Blue Tote from Longchamp 

Studded Flats from Memorata Celine 

I hope you loved my birthday outfit. 
How about you? If it was your birthday, what would you wear? and why? :)

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It's A Pink Birthday!

Since I was a little girl, PINK has always been my favorite color. I don't have a concrete reason why; it's just that maybe it's so feminine like me and it signifies joy and excitement. Every time I see this sweet color, my gloomy day brightens up and it gives me a great feeling I can't barely describe. 

Now, on my 21st Birthday, I chose "PINK" to describe it not only because it's my favorite or it's the color of my birthday dress; but I call it a PINK BIRTHDAY because it's the happiest celebration yet. (Well, my 18th was the happiest as well! Hihi!).

I'm sorry for posting this a little too late. It really took me awhile to get over the overwhelming joy I felt on that special day and it's hard to find the right words to share it with everyone.

Bows All Around

If you have read my About Me or if you have seen my other OOTDs, you will notice that I'm so into bows and ribbons. Why? I find them classy and girly just like me. Hihi! :)
Well, I wore this bow-tiful outfit on my Birthday Dinner with PPG:

Shorts from Kamiseta | Core Watch from Swatch

Chiffon Sleeveless Printed Blouse from Jellybean

Bow Ponytail from Forever 21 
(Actually, this is really a headband but I maximized its use as a ponytail.)

Shoes from Keds

Bow Leather Wrist Band from Penshoppe
Bow Ring from Accessorize
Hello Kitty Bow iPhone 5 Case from @ilovetoshopmhy

Since every piece I wore in this OOTD has pink and bow in it, I think I should change my post title to "Something Pink and Bow". What do you think? :)  

Anyways, How do you like my outfit? Do you love bows, too? ❤

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Birthday Dinner with PPG

To welcome July and have a pre-birthday celebration, I decided to spend dinner with my HS bestfriends. It has always been our tradition to have a night-out and bonding time on our birthdays, Christmas and other special events in our lives. Now on my 21st birthday, we met up at TriNoma with Chiz and Ivan.

Dark Mocha and Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding

To all coffee and tea lovers out there, have you heard the great news? 

Yesterday, Starbucks Philippines officially launched two new Frappuccino blended beverages: 
Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding and Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding

Why I'm Glad to be Globe

In our modern world today, gadgets have become a part of our necessities as human beings. 
This also adds up the need for an Internet connection to fully utilize the expensive devices we have spent our salaries for. Fortunately, the IT/Telecommunications industry has offered a lot of choices (DSL, Wi-Fi, 3G and the latest LTE technology for our smart phones) to satisfy consumers’ Internet needs. However, this has left a big question to us consumers of which type, brand or network to choose among them. Some would choose the most popular network, the most influential brand or just the cheapest of them all; but the only advice I can share with you is: to choose the one that makes your heart GLAD.

Well for me, it’s has always been GLOBE. Since I had my very first cellular phone from my Mom (JTIS, it was a Postpaid Nokia 3315) and until now that I bought an iPhone 5 on my own, I still belong to Globe and choose to be inside its network. I think I haven’t shifted to other networks because the services offered by Globe have been continuously satisfying my mobile needs whether it’s prepaid or postpaid. :)

Globe has made a lot of great things possible for everyone especially for me. 
Here are my top 9 reasons why I’m Glad to be Globe:

I’m able to acquire my dream gadgets in the most affordable cost.

© Chiz Quiros

I’m able to choose the postpaid plan that fits my needs and lifestyle.

© Kim Ivan Gutierrez

I’m able to UNLI-call and text my boyfriend without additional fees and charges.

© Kim Ivan Gutierrez

I’m able to send and receive emails whenever and wherever.

© Kim Ivan Gutierrez

I’m able to post a status, tweet, check-in to my location, and update my blog anytime and anywhere.

© Kim Ivan Gutierrez

I’m able to share my recently captured photos to my profile.

© Kim Ivan Gutierrez

I’m able to check if there’s a SALE/GREAT DEALS on my favorite shops/products.

© Kim Ivan Gutierrez

I’m able to chat with my friends and relatives all over the world.

© Kim Ivan Gutierrez

I’m able to update myself to news and social media happenings.

© Kim Ivan Gutierrez

See? Everything's made possible with Globe. :)
How about you? Why are you GLAD to be GLOBE? Share us your story

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Spontaneous Sunday

As you've read on my June journal post, Daddy has a new baby and we named him Ironman mainly because he has a SUPER RED color. Hihi! To welcome him to our family, Daddy decided to break him in and go for a roadtrip to Batangas/Tagaytay. 

June Ended So Soon

June has been quite a short period before my much-awaited birth month. I've been busy all month long with all the backlog posts I promise to publish for you; that's why I haven't gone to a lot of events/night-outs. Though, I want to share a brief summary of how my June went. :)

Goodbye May means Summer is over!

Hello again! As you've noticed on my previous posts, May has been a very busy month for me - events to attend to, Singapore trip, Ivan's birthday and a lot more. In this post, I will share my other whereabouts for the whole month of May.