BRB, Singapore!

I hate goodbyes. Seriously. But it's time to go back to reality and say bye bye to SG. Huhu.
We had a total of 4 days in Singapore but it feels like we just had vacay for 1 day. The trip was really worthwhile and it's true that "Time flies when you're enjoying." I will always miss Singapore, its scenery, clean environment, unforgettable attractions and the irresistible shopping malls! 

After the last-minute shopping, we hurried to the airport for our departure back to Manila. Fortunately, we checked-in early so we had some time to stroll around the cleanest and nicest airport I've ever been into, Changi International Airport.

We arrived hungry so we ate something at Dunkin' Donuts, our favorite! We really missed PH. :P 

Then I saw Kikki.K, the shop I admired and I've been wanting to visit. Hihi! 

We never got tired of waiting for our boarding call because Changi in stores a lot of activities for you and your family. We tried "woodblocking" which is a popular Singapore artform.

We also visited and took pictures at the Horticulture Exhibit near our boarding gate.

We bought some Jelly Belly before we board into our plane! FYI, I've never tasted one before and 
I've loved the flavors we personally picked and mixed! Yahoooooo! Thanks SG for letting me experience a lot of first times! Hihi! 

However, I can't change the fact that we're leaving Singapore already. Bye, SG! I'll come back soon, I promise! Can't wait for that! For now, BRB! See you again!

Our dinner at the plane, Beef Caldereta. This is so yummy, promise! :)

That was a GREAT SUMMER I will never ever forget.
How about you? Where did you spent your Summer? Hope you loved it, too!

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