More Than My Wishlist

Have you read my #21stBirthdayWishlist post? Well if not, you better read it first before you continue reading this. The main reason why we write wish lists is to give people an idea of what to wrap on our birthdays or other special occasions. However, when I opened all the presents I received from family, relatives and friends, I realized that I haven’t received everything I. Why? Because I've got MORE than I wished for. Loooook!! 

See? I told you, I've got more than I wished for! :)

As my Mom said, “Woooow, Plenty of gifts just like your 18th birthday!” Yeah, it was plenty but for me, celebrating your birthday is not about the number of gifts you have received but it’s all about the people who remembered you on your special day despite how busy they are with their lives. 

ALWAYS REMEMBER: It’s the thought that counts.

Again, as I said on my birthday post, THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! I’m so blessed to have you all around. Most of all, I want to thank our Almighty Father for giving me this wonderful life to share with these great people and for always loving me as His daughter. I love You, my Savior. I owe everything to You! ❤

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