K's 21st

May is also the month for Babe's birthday and he turned 21 this year! Hooray for his debut! But since he wanted a simple celebration, we just spent his birthday together with all our loved ones. I wanted to make him feel very special though, so I pursued a month long celebration for him.

To start his birth month special, we spent a "Pre-Birthday Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner" together. 

For Breakfast: At Starbucks which is his favorite as well since we were in college. We used the May Starbucks coupon from our planner to get some freebies on our purchase.

For Lunch: At Yellow Cab which is our favorite pizza parlor since then. 

For Dinner: At Army Navy. It's our first time there and we find their burger and quesadilla great!!  

Since his birthday drops on the week after our vacay in Singapore, I've already planned and prepared a surprise for him two weeks before our departure and gladly, he loved the present I gave him! Whewwww! :) Just to give you a hint, I collected his 21 favorites, put in a box and kept it from him as a top secret. Hihi! Sorry but I forgot to take a photo of my gift so I couldn't share it here. Awww. :(

Anyways, we had lunch at Vikings and we were surprised because we didn't know beforehand that they offer some birthday promo where the celebrator for the day would receive a free buffet lunch just by presenting a valid ID upon entry. Oh there was a birthday cake, too for all the celebrators! Again, thanks Vikings and we love the way you appreciate your customers! We'll surely come back soon, maybe on my birthday. Hihi! 

Then, Ivan wished for a bowling session so we played for 2 games. I gave him all the chances of winning because it was his birthday. Hihi! JK. He's really better than me but I will surely get even he next time we play! :P

Another wish he made was to buy couple shirts for us, so we bought a pair from Me & U.
Since then, we've been eyeing for this item but we always forget to buy one until that day. Hihihi! We fell in love with the print we chose - it's not so cheesy but it's truelalooooo! Hihi! I'm really a hard-shopping girlfriend while he's always working very hard for my shopping needs. Hihi! Well, we're open to that fact and he doesn't get offended BTW. Hihihi! :P I'm lucky!! 

And to complete his birthdate, we watched BIG WEDDING starring our favorite actresses, Amanda Seyfried, Katherine Heigl and other big Hollywood stars. The movie was a little bit boring at the beginning but as the plot develops, the movie became interesting and funny! We love the story overall! 

The next Saturday after his birthday, he decided to celebrate dinner with my family at home.
We ordered food at Pizza Hut, bought a dish at Chooks to Go and Mom cooked a viand for us. 
Then, we had videoke and for the first time in history, we sang a duet! OMG. That was really funny and guess what song? Please Be Careful with My Heart. Haha! That made me blush super because my parents and grannies were there cheering for us. It's awkward, too. I can't believe we did that in front of them! :P Maya and Sir Chief lang ang PEG. Haha! Though, we had lots of fun and laughter till late night! Hihi.

I think that's it! I really hope I made my boyfriend the happiest on his 21st. ❤ Wishing him all the best and happiness this world has to offer and a lifetime to celebrate his birthdays with me! Cheesy! Hihi! Plus, good health and may God bless and protect him as always! I love you, Mine! Can't wait for you to get older again! Hahahaha! :P JK

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