It's A Pink Birthday!

Since I was a little girl, PINK has always been my favorite color. I don't have a concrete reason why; it's just that maybe it's so feminine like me and it signifies joy and excitement. Every time I see this sweet color, my gloomy day brightens up and it gives me a great feeling I can't barely describe. 

Now, on my 21st Birthday, I chose "PINK" to describe it not only because it's my favorite or it's the color of my birthday dress; but I call it a PINK BIRTHDAY because it's the happiest celebration yet. (Well, my 18th was the happiest as well! Hihi!).

I'm sorry for posting this a little too late. It really took me awhile to get over the overwhelming joy I felt on that special day and it's hard to find the right words to share it with everyone.

My day started by waking up (of course! hihi!) early to attend mass at San Roque Cathedral. I took a quick bath (because we're already running late), faced the mirror and I couldn't believe it was my birthday already. I've been waiting for this since January and now it couldn't sink in that I turned 21 already. Time really flies fast. I’m wondering if I can slow it down even just for that day. Hihi! 

Kidding aside, after dressing up, I went downstairs to have breakfast with my sister. Surprisingly, this bunch of stuffs welcomed me on the table. My heart stopped beating and I can't even say a word. My eyes can't believe what was happening. It was really unexpected. I felt like I was in a dream or in a romantic movie. I told myself to wake up but I can't because it was Prince Charming surprising me with these! :”>

After a moment of shock and surprise, I blushed and got big puffy & teary eyes. I didn't know why but nothing can explain the "kilig" I felt.  I just told myself: "Oh my! I’m the luckiest girlfriend on earth.'' Then, Ivan told me everything they did just to make this surprise possible. I can't believe he had my sister and even my Mom behind all these. I couldn't thank them enough for making my day complete as early as this.

We went to mass altogether after breakfast and we bumped into my Alma Mater's President/Dean, Sr. Puri. I was so glad to see her again after 4 years. I missed HS more. :(

After mass, we went back home and my Mom requested me to open my gifts in front of them. I felt like I was a kiddo again opening these paper bags one by one. :)

I dressed up quick thereafter because it’s almost lunchtime and we had to go to SM Aura Premier for a birthDATE with my one and only sweetest. As soon as we arrived there, we ate lunch at Yabu. Well, it’s my 2nd time to try Yabu yet I keep coming back for their food and service. I availed the birthday gift (complimentary set meal) which they sent through my email. I was touched and I loved the way they treat and appreciate their customers especially on their birthdays. 

Since it’s our first time in Aura, we strolled around the mall after lunch. We roamed around the Sky Park which is SM Aura’s version of the Sky Garden (SM North Edsa). It is also an open area where you’ll see the buildings and malls surrounding Bonifacio High Street. We also took advantage of the beautiful scenery up there and had a photo shoot for my Glad to be Globe post
BTW, it’s our first photo shoot ever!! :)

Here are some of the photos Ivan had captured:

Then, we visited shops around the mall and I have my new happy places: 
Miss Selfridge

And I can’t wait for these shops to open: 

We’ll surely come back to SM Aura soon for these shops!! 

It was easy for us to stroll around Aura since other shops were not yet open, so we spent time at Food on Four while waiting for our screening time in Director’s Club. 

After a couple of minutes, we went up to watch Despicable Me 2. It’s also our first time to try the La-Z-Boy kind of theater and we loved it to the point that I almost slept while watching. :) 

After the movie, we went straight to Dads Kamayan Saisaki at West Ave., Q.C. to meet my family and spend birthday dinner with them. 

We ate all we can and hopped from Pinoy to Japanese then Japanese to Western cuisines. But as a Japanese foodie, I love Saisaki most. Their sushi and maki are incomparable and these kept me from coming back to the buffet table. 

We were surprised when all of a sudden, people were coming to our table to sing a birthday song for me and they let me blew another birthday cake. Yey!!! 

After my 3rd round, I can’t come back to the buffet table anymore since I was still full from Yabu's meal. Hihi! :) Well, my birthday really made me SUPER FULL from my heart down to my tummy. I couldn't ask for more; I have these wonderful people in my life and they love me as much as I do love them. I hope to celebrate more years of my life with them. 

Indeed, my 21st birthday was a fairytale. I felt like I was a real princess for a day. 
Before, I wished for a happy celebration but I've got more than I wished for. 

Thanks much to everyone who made me happiest in my 21 years of existence – my parents, my siblings my grannies, my boyfriend, my loved ones who made efforts by sending presents/cards and to everyone who didn't forget to greet me despite their busy schedules. I really appreciate every bit of it! I’m so blessed to have you in my life and I love you all from the bottom of my heart. *tears*

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