Goodbye May means Summer is over!

Hello again! As you've noticed on my previous posts, May has been a very busy month for me - events to attend to, Singapore trip, Ivan's birthday and a lot more. In this post, I will share my other whereabouts for the whole month of May.

Mother's Day Celebration

Our Moms will always be the most important person in our lives. They have brought us into this wonderful world and given us the unconditional love and support we can never find from anybody else. That's why we celebrate Mother's Day every 2nd Sunday of May to remind us that we are lucky to have them and that we should make them happy every way possible. So, my siblings and I tried our very best to give Mommy the presents that we think she will love and will be helpful to her.

We had Mother's Day lunch with my Grannies at Max's Restaurant (their favorite).

Afterwards, we went to Lola's for snacks then went to SM Fairview and ate dinner at Papa John's.

I hope we made Mommy very happy on her special day. She deserved every bit of it. ❤

Perks of being a Starbucks Lover

Apparently, you may have read on my previous posts that I really love Starbucks and I have a perfect relationship with their coffee. This summer, Starbucks featured the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino again (I think every summer they do) and when I knew about this, my heart jumped out of gladness and excitement. I've been waiting all year for this Frappuccino! :)

And surprisingly, when I bought one, they had "Buy One, Get One" treat for all the customers who will buy MCCF! The Perks! ❤ I love Starbucks forever!

Meet our Newest Hobby, Bowling

Since my siblings attended bowling lessons this summer, we decided to make it a habit every Sunday. After attending mass, we would go to SM North Edsa - Bowling Center for my siblings' practice and for our weekly exercise. Below, you can see our scoreboards and you will notice that as time goes by, we are improving our skills! LOL

We also supported and cheered up my siblings during their very first Bowling Competition/Milo Clinic Graduation. It was intense and I was the one nervous for them. I wanted them to win and luckily, my little brother bagged the 2nd place for the Peewee division. Yahoooo! Congrats also to my sister who did a great play as she was one of the highest pointers in her division. I'm super proud of you, lovies.

Vanilla's 1st
Birthday: May 24, 2012

I can't believe that it's one year already since I decided to buy myself a car. Yes, I haven't used it as often as possible but I still want to celebrate her birthday. I gave her a out-of-town road trip to my cousin's birthday at Pampanga as a present. I wish for more years for us to be together and I hope that Dad will give me the freedom to drive Vanilla on my own! Pretty please? :)

Stuffs I Bought

I bought most of these for our Singapore Trip. :)
Black Prada-inspired Baroque Sunnies and White Catseye Sunnies from Vanity & Fashion
Mustache Necklace, Pink Nail Polish, Polka Headband and Arrow Bracelet from Forever 21

It's the time of the year again for writing checks and paying bills. :P

  This month, I also won Forget-Me-Not notebooks from BDJ by answering their Survey for the 2014 Planner. Really, the best things in life are free! :)

Foodie Photo Dump

McDo Big n Tasty and Selecta's Mrs. Fields for Snacks (the day before we went to Singapore)
Mr. Binatog | Caramia Nocciola (Hazelnut)

Army Navy for Dinner | Favorite McDo Breakfast: Hamdesal with Egg, Hash Brown and Iced Mocha

How about you? How was your May? I hope you had a good one, too! :)

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