Oh my July, Goodbye!

Hey Girls! How was your week so far? I hope everything's settled, now that July's saying bye-bye. :( Well, I've been very busy enjoying July and I haven't noticed that time flew already. My previous posts are not enough to express how happy July made me, so I wanna share the other happenings here as well.

July 1: Ivan's surprise to welcome my birth month - a pink rose. Isn't that sweet? I've never imagined a boyfriend to be as thoughtful as he is. :"> Well, he really is the sweetest and I always feel like a real princess whenever I'm with him. Luckiest me! 


July 3: Maybe I've mentioned before that my Mom and I are July co-celebrators (on Instagram, I think). Her birthday is on the 3rd of July while mine falls on the 9th. For the past 21 years of my life, it's been our tradition to celebrate together, such as our Spontaneous Sunday celebration which I posted few weeks ago. However, we still opt to have a separate celebration on our birthdates.

This year, Mom had her birthday dinner at Lido, a Chinese restaurant at Commonwealth. After meal, Mom opened her gifts and she was so glad seeing that we're all there to celebrate her birthday. Well if only Mom knew, we're a lot happier to see Mom blissful on her very special day! Hihi!

July 6: Before my Pink Birthday, my mom, sister and I had some salon/mall bonding time. We tried the Brazillian Blowout at Artista Salon, ate at 4Fingers, bought stuffs at the grocery, and we shopped at our favorite shops such as Forever 21, Uniqlo, Esprit, etc. We haven't bond like that since forever and we were so elated after! My dad was shocked with all the shopping bags we are carrying, when they fetched us for dinner at Kenny Rogers. It was indeed a fun pampering/shopping day with my favorite girls in the world! 

July 7: Yeyyyy! Ivan got us a copy of the Adobe CS6 to be used in editing photos for our blogs! :)

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July 11: As part of being 21 already, I decided (well, Ivan also convinced me) to open a legit SAVINGS account at PS Bank! This is to start saving money for future and emergency purposes. I just hope that emergency may mean unexpected SALE from my fave brands. Hihi! JK.

July 14: One Sunday, the idea of going to the zoo just blew into our minds and we decided to visit one of the newest zoos in Metro Manila, Ark Avilon Zoo. It has a different setup of how a zoo looks like - covered area for the animals and lots of exotic/unfamiliar species. We fed the cutie patootie hamsters, interacted with the talking birds and we loved the cobra and the tortoise! Well, this is another spontaneous Sunday with the coolest family in town! Can't wait for another one soon! :)

July 16: Finally! After a year of constant practice every weekend and a month of hand-on exams, Dad allowed me to bring Vanilla to work without him coaching me on the passenger's seat. Hooray! On that day, I can say that I'm the happiest girl in town! Hihihi! Thanks Dad and Mom, I promise to drive safely always. :)

July 24: My birthday's not yet over! Me and Ate Gem (my favorite cousin in the world) randomly decided to have lunch at Don Henrico's, Greenhills! It's been a long time (maybe since college days) since we've planned to go out together and have coffee at our favorite Starbucks but apparently, all the plans were just drawings until now. Hihi. We were so happy that finally we found some time to eat out two-gether. Yahooooo! I hope to date with her again soon! 

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Cadbury Hazelnut from B! | Dulcinea's Churros con Chocolate | Hershey's Special Dark (Sugar Free)

 Starbucks' Oreo Cheesecake & Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding Frap
CBTL's Dark Cherry Truffle Cake

CBTL's Pink Guava Juice | Ersao's Taro Milk Tea

 Buffalo's Wings and Things

No Sugar Breakfast from Starbucks | Mrs. Field's Cookie Nibblers

Aside from the birthday presents I have received from my loved ones, here are some of the stuffs I bought. These are more than the usual since JULY is the Mid-Year/End of Season SALE MONTH. :) Hooray!! I just hope every month's July and everyday is payday! Hihi! Kidding!!

(via Instagram)
Dress Case and Pink HK Ribbon Case from @ilovetoshopmhy

Mango and Pull&Bear Skirts from The Off Price Show

Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? by Ramon Bautista
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Rain Boots from Cash Cash Pinoy

Clothes from Miss Selfridge

That's all for my fave month! See you again next year, July! 
Is July your favorite, too? How was yours, BTW? Shareeeee!! :)

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