Last Minute Shopping

Singapore is also known for its SHOPPING malls and branded lifestyle! And for me, a TRAVEL is not complete without bringing home something which will remind you of the place/country you've visited. Maybe, shopping has become a part of travelling and unwinding at the same time.

One piece of advice: Never leave Singapore unless you're done shopping! I know it's not practical but I tell you, the stores there have the latest items yet they are cheaper than the items in the Philippines. 

Before we started our retail therapy, we made our stomachs full first because if not, we won't have the enough energy to choose stuffs, fit them, and pay for their price. (literally) Hihi!

We ate at Snax and Oh my Gee! They had the best dumplings I've ever tasted. It was really good. You really must try these all when you visit Takashimaya, Orchard Road. 

Seaweed Chicken
Roasted Honey Wings
Shrimp Fingers

Flame-Grilled Chicken
Shrimp Popcorn

Soon after lunch, we strolled around malls in Orchard Road.

Looks like Vanilla. I missed heeeeeer! :(

We haven't bought much because there's no time left and the SALE ITEMS were not yet in. I think they're reserving them for the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE on June. Awww. :( So if I were you, book a flight to SG on either June or July. Nevertheless, we enjoyed shopping at SG! We'll definitely go back soon! :)

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