1st month of 2013

Hey Sweeties! It's already 2nd week of February but I guess it's not too late to sum-up how my JANUARY went well. 

Call me Charmy!

My sister and I randomly decided to make a MV when we were in Ilocos. Since Call Me Maybe was the trend during that time, we featured that song in our video. 

Charmy's Outfits in 2012

Hello Angels!

Let me share some of my favorite outfits I wore in 2012. 
Forgive me, for the vain photos! 

Cherish 2012 and Cheers to 2013

You ready for my first blog post? 

Honestly, I didn't know where to start so I decided to sum up how great my 2012 is. (I supposed this post is lengthy, so please bear with me. I really missed blogging!)