Call me Charmy!

My sister and I randomly decided to make a MV when we were in Ilocos. Since Call Me Maybe was the trend during that time, we featured that song in our video. 

During the shoots, we were shy and anxious because a lot of people were wondering of what we are doing. But we pulled it off and we had so much fun, up to the point that Mom and Dad was convinced to dance in one part of the video. When we got home, my sister edited the piece and presented it during our Christmas celebration, so that we can share it to the whole family and other relatives. It made me shy a little more! Hee. Plus the fact that my sister included a few bloopers after the song. I look so terrible, I swear.

Without further "kwento", here's the video I'm talking about. No judging please! :)

Hope you LOL-ed and enjoyed our simple MV! 

Make your own and I will be glad if you'll share it with me! 

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