1st month of 2013

Hey Sweeties! It's already 2nd week of February but I guess it's not too late to sum-up how my JANUARY went well. 

To start with, here are some photos from our New Year's Day Celebration and Reunion at Pasig.


Meet my siblings, cousins and grandparents!

Parties are never complete without games, dancing and videoke around! 
Kids' Version of Oppa Gangnam Style 

My Dancing Little Brother, Charles

Our very own version

Adult Version (SPG)

Peek-a-Boo! Meet our favorite baby cousin, Keith!

And say hello to my best cousin, Gem
We are the same age but she's taller, a lot taller! Huhu!

Cuties all over the place!

I guess, it's not too late to give Christmas presents especially when it comes from the heart. 

Another favorite cousin, Erice!

Happy Kiddo here!

Colorful Maxi Dress: Candie's
Bow Belt: Apostrophe
Pink Bow Slippers: Celine Memorata
Pink Watch: Pacific Blue
Fuschia Satchel: EGG
Pink Bow Ring: Accessorize
Pink Nail Polish: Forever 21 Love & Beauty

After all the parties and celebrations during the holidays, here comes REALITY. Buhuhu. It's not that I don't want to go to work or I'm not ready, but I hate the fact that I have to wake up early everyday because it's hard to commute. My Dad hasn't given me the freedom yet to drive on my own. :(

Anyways, enough with the drama and let's say hello to first day of work for 2013! 

Time flies so fast and I can't believe that I've been working for 1 year already! YAY. I can still remember my first day and the feeling of anxiety and fear that I may not meet their expectations. But here I am, standing and proud of myself because I made it to 1 year. I wonder how long can I go further? 

(via Instagram)
Got an email greeting from Chikka! ♥ 

Early that morning, me and Ivan spent time together and had our very first breakfast for this year. 

(via Instagram)
My Favorite Toffee Nut Frappuccino and the Classic Macadamia Chip Cookie for Breakfast!

Yellow Lacey Sleeveless Blouse: Tutuban Shopping Center
Black Denim Pants: Candie's
Blue Studded Flats: Celine Memorata
Silver Watch: Swatch

On that very 1st week of 2013, I haven't kept my promise and New Year's resolution to stop myself from being an impulsive shopper. I think SALE is really my weakness. Hihi!

Just for share. Here are some brands that tempted me!  

My family decided to unwind and spend the 1st weekend of 2013 at Tagaytay. Here are some photos from our short vacation:

My sister, Chiz

Certified Daddy's Girl

I'm trying hard. LOL

We stayed at Chateau Royale!

Then, we went to Caleruega..

The scenery is beautiful and Caleruega is so nature-loving..

We're trying to be a professional climber without harness. LOL.

Then my siblings tried the ZipLine. Me? Got scared. :P
Next time, I WILL TRY. Promise :)

Lunch before we went home..

The Bulalo

My favorite. 


White Tee: Guess
Pink Varsity Jacket: Penshoppe
Black Denim Pants: Candie's
Pink Bow Slippers: Celine Memorata

Denim Top: Esprit
Black Denim Pants: Candie's
Pink Bow Slippers: Celine Memorata

One January Sunday, Mom and Dad celebrated their 21st Anniversary and treated us all day at the mall. 

Aristocrat for Lunch

New haircut for me and Chiz! Full bangs FTW! 

My partner in VANITY, Chabby! Hihi!

Fact about me: I love Japanese food! 

Teriyaki Boy for Dinner

Mom's Shopping Treat for us! YEEEEEY! 

"Honestly, Queen for a day just wasn't big enough for me." - Barbie

Light Brown Tee: Uniqlo
Black & White Striped Shorts: Jag Thug
Brown Booty Flats: Melissa
White Tote Bag: Esprit

January is also the month for my bestfriend, Gracie! We celebrated her 21st birthday at Trinoma, snacks at Sbarro, and had fun like never before.

(via Instagram)

Varsity Shirt: The Perfect White Shirt
Checkered High-Waisted Shorts: Penshoppe
Pink Rubber Flats: Crocs
Cream Sling Bag: Mango
Lavender Watch: Swatch
Pink Headband turned Wristband: Penshoppe
Light Pink Bow Ring: Accessorize

Another January Sunday -- Dad gave me the freedom to drive all the way to Laguna and you know what? That was my very first out-of-town driving. I'm glad and proud of myself because I drove my family home safely! YEEEY! Hihi! 

By the way, we went to Laguna to visit our relatives. Me and my cousin Gem spent time together like never before (the "TECHIE" kind of bonding). LOL

(via Instagram)
First two panoramic photos were taken via Mom's brand new iPhone 5!

Me and my cousin had an agreement to finish 2 eBooks per month since we became addicted with EPUBs, iBooks and the like. Well, me? sort of! I am not really a fan of reading but this time, since I'm not that busy anymore with school stuffs, I decided to enter the FUN WORLD of BOOKS. We agreed to finish these two books by the end of February. 

(Book Covers from Google Search)
The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell
The Perfect Girl by Jennifer Gunther

I also received pasalubong from HK courtesy of Ninang Ana and Ninong Robert! ♥ YAY for new nail polish and pink shimmering envelope for my stuffs! :)

(via Lomogram)

I'm sure if you have a boyfriend like I do, you also love to go out with him and spend time like you've never seen each other everyday. In my case, since Ivan's office and mine are just streets away, we frequently dine, shop and stroll together. Here are some photos from our EVERYDATES this January.

Our Favorite Mcdonald's Breakfast
Dinner at Parvati

Another Favorite Breakfast: STARBUCKS
Caramia for Dessert
Dinner at House of Lasagna courtesy of Mom


Green Checkered Long Sleeves: Topshop
Black Denim Pants: Candie's
Navy Blue Tote Bag: Longchamp
Pink Rubber Flats: Crocs

 Green Polo Shirt
Black Slacks
Black Leather Shoes

Gelatissimo for Dessert! The Favorite..
Potato Corner for Snacks

"Perks of Being a Starbucks-lover"
(via Instagram)
Last day of January needs to be celebrated,
 so we claimed our Starbucks coupon from the Starbucks planner.  
Another Favorite: Java Chip Frappuccino! 

Lastly, I wanna share some outfits I wore last January..

 (1) Pink Pullover: G2000 | Gray Denim Pants: Candie's | Pink Bow Slippers: Celine Memorata
(2) Lavender Buttoned-up Blouse: Candie's | Capri Denim Pants: Mudd | Pink Bow Slippers: Celine
(3) Blue Pullover: Terranova | Black Denim Pants: Candie's | Blue Studded Flats: Celine Memorata
(4) Black Studded Tee: Zara | Black Bow Rubber Flats: Melissa | Cream Tote Bag: Esprit

As you can see, I wear jeans a lot. Jeans are SUPER allowed in our workplace and I'm glad because it's the easiest thing to wear and most comfortable outfit you can put on to work. 

I also love wearing tees to work because they are a lot more comfy than any other corporate tops. But if there's a need for a more decent attire (meetings, etc.) I go for them as well.

(1) White Tee: Guess | Red Pants: Bazaar | Black Bow Rubber Flats: Melissa
(2) Blue Tee: 101 New York | Gray Denim Pants: Candie's | Navy Blue Sandals: Fitflop
(3) White Tee: Designer Monkey | Pink Pants: Redgirl | White Floral Sandals: Fitflop
(4) Pink Tee: Guess | Gray Denim Pants: Candie's | Pink Rubber Flats: Crocs
(5) Gray Collared Shirt: Jag Thug | Washed Denim Pants: Guess | Gray Flats (Slight): M. Nicole

Well, that's it! Sorry for the lengthy post! :P Hope you caught something inspiring from this post. Hihi! I'll be happy if you'll share some comments below! :) 

Happy weekend, everyone!

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