Two weeks of Unplanned Vacation

Define Vacation? Out-of Town. Travel. Unwinding. FUN.

However, in my case, it's the other way around. VACATION means HOUSE ARREST, ISOLATION from people you love, MISSING your boyfriend and NO FUN at all.

Yeah, I've been sick for about 15 days already. Throughout these long boring days, I've been spending a lot of time with my new bestfriends - my bed, laptop, iPad, and BDJ planner.

"Follow you heart, live your dreams" desktop wallpaper from College Prep (one of my favorite blogs).
Keep Calm iPad wallpaper from KeepCalm-o-matic.

FYI, I dressed up my beloved BDJ planner using a book cover I bought from FabManila. I decided to use it for my planner to protect it from dirt, scratches and other foreign materials. Look how it became protected and fashionable at the same time.

I spent most of my vacation, either watching marathon of my favorite TV series - Gossip Girl or watching the previous episodes of my favorite TV shows via iWantv while lying on bed / playing games on iPad / writing on my journal. Very productive, right? Well, I tried to work from home but my boss insisted me to rest than to document. Haha! Am I that workaholic? :P

This vacation is FUN but NOT FUN as well. What? Well, The one and only SWEETEST thing about being sick is:

A Special Delivery from Prince Charming 

Throughout my 2-week stay at home, I got to finish stuffs which I can't do at work. I finished designing my blog (with the help of Ivan) and published some blog posts, as well. I also started reading my pending eBooks, did some cross-stitch designs and edited some videos. Plus, I'm done watching all Gossip Girl episodes! (I think for 4 days.) YEY! The ending is so love love love. Heehee.

(via Lomogram)
I think this is a shot from Season 5!

During my so called "vacation time", I also did some Valentine's day gift ideas for the K.I.N.G of my ♥. Unfortunately, my wounds are slowly getting better and I can't make it to a Valentine's date with him and to give my present as well . :( Though, Ivan didn't let February 14 pass without making me feel like I'm the happiest girl on earth. He surprised me by delivering his hearty gift before Vday ends. :"> (Sorry for the cheesiness and mushiness! :P)

(via Instagram)
Surprise by the Sweetest Man on Earth

(via Instagram)
My "Teaser" Gift for Him 
Heehee! ♥ I can't wait to give him my surprise/legit gift! 

Even the Valentine's Saturdate we planned a month ago was cancelled due to my condition. :( However, he promise me that when I get better, he will take me out everyday to make up on our lost times together. Sweet, right? 

Here's how I spent my Valentine's Day at home:

(via Instagram)
A Movie Date with one of my Celebrity CRUSHES: Mario Maurer 
Starring in "Suddenly It's Magic" 

And since I can't go to malls, I did a handful of online shopping! Here are some of the items I acquired:

(via Instagram)
Leopard Heels from Style Bandit (@shopstylebandit)
Plus, AUTOGRAPH from Aria Clemente ♥

Ear Plugs and Cable Winders from

Camera Connection Kit for iPad
Deal I got from Groupon Beeconomic PH

H&M Aztec Scarf
Deal I got from CashCash Pinoy

Though I'm enjoying my so-called "VACATION", I hope to get back soon because I've been missing work and all the stress attached. I couldn't wait to go back to my routine and enjoy life as it seems.

But come on, life is too short to think about what you can't have right now. So during those days, I just looked back, reflected and focused on the brighter side of life.

REMEMBER: EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON and God has better plans for all of us. Storms come but there's a rainbow ALWAYS after the rain. ♥ 

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