Cherish 2012 and Cheers to 2013

You ready for my first blog post? 

Honestly, I didn't know where to start so I decided to sum up how great my 2012 is. (I supposed this post is lengthy, so please bear with me. I really missed blogging!)

 After I graduated last November ‘11, I did not accept job offers yet because I wanted some ME time to relax, have fun, enjoy Christmas vacation and experience life like a BUM. My parents granted my wish, so I decided to make 01.02.2012 my official start date. YAY! Thanks to Chikka for welcoming me to the Corporate World with warmth and open arms!

It was exactly 29th day of January last year when I was starstruck-ed ★ by Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu and Alexander Xian Cruz Lim Uy during their StarStudio Autograph Signing at Trinoma Cinema Lobby. My sister and I prepared a lot for this event and indeed, we enjoyed it because we had the opportunity to chit-chat with KimXi, kiss them cheek-to-cheek and have our magazines signed.

Yeeeeeeey! Such a dream come true! 

So near yet so far. . . *lub dub lub dub*

O M G! This is it! ♥

We gave KimXi a little token of love and appreciation!

(Photo grabbed from
I hope they love the collage we made especially for them!

The Collage

kilig much! ♥ We really did E N J O Y! Thanks StarStudio!

But prior to that event, we also attended My Binondo Girl Fans Day at SM North Edsa Skydome to get a glimpse of our dearest KIMXI!

Yeah, I came with my whole family! Hello to the long line of waiting!

The only ticket you need to see the MBG Stars! 
It's a digital album with 5 songs from our favorite teleserye!

 KIMXI singing "Ako'y Sa'yo Lamang" ♥

BONUS we got from the fans day!

In 2012, our thesis was qualified to join IMECS (International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists) in Hong Kong and PCSC (Philippine Computing Science Congress). YAY! After all the sacrifices, hard work and sleepless nights we had, this is something we consider, “the fruit of our labor”. Not everyone may be given this opportunity, so we offer all the glory and gratitude to our Creator.

Since I am already earning money from my first job, I got to buy gadgets that I cannot afford before. That’s good because I don’t have to ask from my parents anymore. :)

2012 also made me experience the freedom and fun I've never felt before. Yeah! I admit it, my parents are super strict. When I was in high school and even in college, I never had the chance to LEGALLY go out with friends if it’s not academically related. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against my parents. I do understand where they’re coming from and I know that it’s only for my own good. So if your parents are like mine, never hate them because the happiness you will get if you abide by their rules is so worth it after all. They are not “babying” you just for their own sake BUT they only want the best for you. I know one day, you’ll understand what I am talking about and just like me, you will thank them for bringing you up that way.

  I learned how to play billiards, a little.

With my BFFs. Very candid! ♥

With Ivan's bestfriends

Bowling as well . . .

With that smile, I swear! I didn't enjoy!

 When V A N I T Y strikes. . .

 Best bowling ever, with my favorite girls in the world! ♥ 

I know! I'm such a LOSER! Huhu!

And this action-filled activity @ Lazermaxx. . .

With my sister, cousins, boyfriend and boyfriend's nephew!

23rd place! NOT BAD because we are 24! Huhu!



After 4 years, I got to go back to Enchanted Kingdom with my family to celebrate my brother’s 8th birthday. EK has never changed except for the new rides that made it more amusing to public. There were a lot of people because it’s Christmas, though it never stopped me and my cousins to enjoy and have fun!


Who will ever forget the Grand Carousel?

Ready to Up, Up and Away! 

Hello Balloons!

Anchors Away!

 Find me! :P

Next stop? The All-Time Favorite, Space Shuttle!

Haggardness at its finest :)

Let's get WET and WILD!

Welcome to the Wheel of Fate! 

The Exhausting Swan Lake Ride

Last Ride yet the Newest and B E S T One! See me?

Jumpshots are too mainstream. Let's do it the haggard way!

Truly, CHRISTMAS is best celebrated with FAMILY ♥ 

(via Instagram)
Yes, we also ride the EKstreme Tower Ride 

Another 2012 highlight is the day I got my Non-Professional driver’s license and the birth of my baby, Vanilla. I felt so lucky because this happen in just one day! Vanilla is my parents’ graduation gift for me and I did promise them to pay for the monthly loan since I’m now working.
(See? This is the REWARD I’m trying to tell you in #5). 

(via Instagram)

Had a 3-day celebration with family, friends and loved ones!

I celebrated my pre-birthday with the Quiros Family at David's Tea House & Hot Pot.

Let's eat! Yum Yum!

Meet my Mom. She's also a July celebrator!

The Quiros Family

And Frutti Froyo for dessert! 

I also got the chance to celebrate with my family and my beloved at the same time on my exact birth date! I only dreamed of this when I was a little girl and now it came true. I’m so glad that my family (especially my Dad) accepted Ivan and welcomed him to our home. That was such a perfect gift on my 20th!

Lunch at Max's Restaurant with my dearest parents. I felt like I'm their one and only child! Hehe!

Every GIRLS' Favorite: Shopping with Mother 

Dinner at Shakey's with the Marasigans

Meet my Prince Charming ♥ 

Felt like a real P R I N C E S S on that day!

Let's blow it!

Share the F U N! (Look at my SLEEPY cousin! Haha)


My birthday would never be complete without me celebrating with my bestfriends. We decided to hang out on a Saturday of my birthday week.

Snack at Bigoli with PPG

 Plus my L O V E

Me wearing their GIFTS

After snack, we watched The Amazing Spiderman with my sister and Ivan's bestfriend! 

Presents are not that essential but I would like to thank everyone who took effort to give something that would make me feel special on my day.

(1) CMG Wedge from Mom & Dad | (2) Hair Clip from Lola | (3) Popsicle Greeting from Chabby |
(4) Cake from Chiz & Erich | (5) Ice Cream Cake, (6) Ferrero Bouquet, (7) Candie's Wallet & Melissa Flats from Ivan ♥ | (8) Forever 21 Necklace from Tetel | (9) Cake from Iris |
(10) Kamiseta Blouse & The Body Shop Mist from Ninang Ana | 
(11) Forever 21 Necklaces from Grace & Bethany | (12) Egg Woven Bag from Chikka Family

The title says it all.

Yeah, we are both FOODIES by heart! ♥ 


Pizza, Pasta, Potatoes and Sandwiches are always loved!

Everyone's Favorite: CHICKEN

Sea's Best


YABU Experience


Plus, Sweeties!

And Something to QUENCH your thirst!

I promise to post reviews of my FOODIE MOMENTS...

with Posh Nails

Cutie Patootie Character Statues. Hihi!

Quality Time with Cousins and Siblings

Unlimited FUN Shots!

FACT ABOUT ME: I love malls and I am a certified shopaholic.

I also promise to post my SHOPPING EXPERIENCES in the next posts...

The best-est thing that happened in my 2012. 
The Prince Charming and/or the Knight in Shining Armor I read in fairy tales has finally found me. 
*corny but truelaloo* 

He’s not perfect neither I am but we complement each other by absolutely loving and accepting each other though our flaws and imperfections.

He’s my bestfriend, my long lost brother and my partner in crime. 

(via Instagram)
 We have known each other for only 4 years but I think I’ve known him forever.

One of my dreams is to travel the world BUT I think I should start with my birthland first. 
So welcome to my “It’s more fun in the Philippines 2012”.

Baby Crocodiles


Dinner at KaLui

Palawan Baller from Island Souvenirs

Daddy's Girls

Welcome to the Wonder of Nature

Waiting for our turn

It's more fun in the Underground River!

Boat Ride to Underground River

Before going home. Huhu!

Visit the Grotto at first!

Igorot costume on its way

Walking with Cadets at PMA
Classic Horseback Riding

Behind us is a Pink Horse! See?

The Mansion

Mines View Park

Bangui Windmills

Meet the Shrek Family

 The Scenery

Baluarte Horse Ride

 After the Live Animal Show


Chasing my Little Ponies

Jumpshot at Paoay Sand Dunes

Classic Vigan

Philippines has the best tourist spots and we, Filipinos must be proud of it! 
Travel around Philippines and I'm glad if you'll share a comment below!

A lot of people were shocked when I fringe my hair into the famous “Mikay” bangs
They asked me why or what happened or do I have problems, etc. 
I just answered them, “I wanna give it a try and experiment with my hair.”

Wasn't it successful? Hihihi! The bangs style fits me because I believe it will. So if you want to try something different and you have doubts, BELIEVE and there is no harm in trying something new.

REMEMBER: Always dare to be different but be yourself, still!

And to end 2012 with a bang, here’s my confession! In the age of 20, I already have two babies! LOL! Here are my cutie patootie babies! Scroll down please!

Pink Unicorn! ♥

KC is a gift from The Boyfriend on Hearts Day!

Baby Alive!

While Klynn is a Christmas gift from The Boyyfriend!

And I guess...
They both love each other as SISTERS! ♥ (I sleep with them)

And that’s it. (Sorry for the lengthy post.) I hope my first legit post inspire you to live life to the fullest and create your own list of great things that happened in your 2013. I’ll be happy if you’ll share it with me! :)

I’m looking forward for the best and happiest this 2013 and I promise to live my belle la vie to the fullest! 

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