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Candy Magazine celebrated its 150th issue last April and as a prize for all the Candy girls,
they held FUN and AWESOME online events: 
Candy Photo A Day Challenge (Instagram) 
Celebrate #Happy150Candy Everyday this April (Candy Mag website)

Just to Share: My Candy Magazines at Home! ❤

As a certified Candy Girl since 2007, I took time to participate on these events. The first one is all about posting one photo every day of April based on the theme provided by @candymagdotcom; while the latter is a giveaway or raffle where you have to answer one question a day in order to join and get a chance to win exciting prizes.  

(via Instagram)
Candy Photo A Day Themes

Since it was also my first time to try this "photo a day" activity, I found myself enjoying while creatively thinking what photo clicks with the theme for the day. Here are the photos I posted on my Instagram:

APRIL 1/30: #Happy150Candy ❤ You're really the best-est friend every girl needs. I'm not a teen anymore but I still love reading Candy! Life is happier with you around! ✌ xo @candymagdotcom

APRIL 2/30: Life is Sweet with @candymagdotcom ❤ 
#frenchmacarons #charmysfave #bardolci

APRIL 3/30: Candy-Colored Prints for Summer! #colorfulisbeautiful ❤
#jellybean #justg #candies #topshop

APRIL 4/30: Summer Hair equals Floral Hair Crown!
Credits to the cutest photographer in the world, Charles! #forever21

APRIL 5/30: Try this shade on your nails!
#fuchsia #loveandbeauty by #forever21

APRIL 6/30: Organic Beauty. 
#nomakeup #hellocameraapp

APRIL 7/30: Dream Board inside my BDJ planner. I consider this Crafty! @BDJBuzz

APRIL 8/30: Afternoon Snack and Dinner in one. #JohnnyRockets

APRIL 9/30: Happier You :)

APRIL 10/30: this book never fails to make me LOL. 

APRIL 11/30: Summer Makeover. 
FROM long and straight with bangs TO short and wavy without bangs. 

APRIL 12/30: Happy Thoughts! 
#artworkkoto #charmysdoodle #nocrop

APRIL 13/30: Candy Selfie! ❤ heeeeee! @candymagdotcom #candygirl

APRIL 14/30: Someone who makes me laugh whenever I'm sad. :) 
Well, his corny jokes do. Heeeee @superkimivan! ❤

APRIL 15/30: That oops moment when your smile unintentionally looks like the Overly Attached Girlfriend. Huhu! Photo courtesy of @superkimivan! 
#howembarrassing #nopostingplease #9gag #memeface

APRIL 16/30: Something Silly with my Sister @chiz_smug! 
#photobooth #nocrop

APRIL 17/30: Define KILIG. 
#SirChiefAndMayaNationalILoveYouDay #kiligmuch #BeCarefulWithMyHeart

APRIL 18/30: my fave quote! ❤ @taylorswift13 
#TaylorSwift #overapp

APRIL 19/30: Quality Time on a Friday Night! ❤ 
#ChickenCharlie #timezone #eastwood #lessthanthree

APRIL 20/30: Currently reading! 

APRIL 21/30: soundtrip while writing. now playing: Mine by Taylor Swift. ❤ 
@superkimivan, are you?

APRIL 22/30: Super cute iPhone app for lovers! ❤ hihi! #LoveByte

APRIL 23/30: Fashion Faux Pas. Lady Gaga in Meat Dress (2010). Photo from Google Images.

APRIL 24/30: Summer Sunshine, I miss you! 
#throwback #boracay2011

APRIL 25/30: Something Fun! 
#GelatoMania #yummygame

APRIL 26/30: Chow Time! late birthday dinner after a long daaaaay! 
#TGIFridays #HBDNinongRobert

APRIL 27/30: Style Crushes. @sophiemos @laureenuy @vernenciso @verniecenciso ❤

APRIL 28/30: all shades of PINK inside my bag! 

APRIL 29/30: Boredom Buster, #DrawSomething2

APRIL 30/30: meet my happy crush, my one and only @superkimivan! ❤ heeeee! #proudgirlfiehere

And that's it! 30 photos in 30 days! :) I hope you got something inspiring from my post. You should try this activity for a month and see how fun and exciting it is! If you have done this too, share it with me and  I'll be happy to read them! Ciao! ❤

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