Off to Singapore

Summer has always been my favorite time of the year. I guess everyone does.
It's the season when you can go somewhere, unwind and take some break from reality.
Every summer, our family tries to travel here in PH or abroad. It is our way of enjoying each other's company while visiting different places we've never been before. 

This 2013, we decided to go to Singapore, the "Lion City". Since I was a kid, I've included Singapore to my travel wishlist. No doubt, I was super excited for our vacation this year. 

We left Manila first thing in the morning to go to Clark International Airport for our departure. 
It was a great day for a trip and we're all excited!  

We arrived a little late at the airport, so we didn't have much time to stroll around before the boarding call. BTW, it's our first time to depart from Clark and to experience Cebu Pacific as well.

As soon as we heard the boarding call, we rode the plane.
It was a 4-hour flight so we ate lunch during the trip.

Mom won an exclusive Cebu Pacific souvenir item by joining their mini-game!

After hours of waiting, we finally arrived in Changi International Airport, Singapore. Yeheeeeeey! 

We went straight to our hotel via shuttle and we had some sight-seeing along the way. 
Singapore is really Asia's greenest city. There a lot of trees and plants on the road. 
Plus, they also have beautiful and innovative architecture. 

After we checked-in, we went to Lucky Plaza where there are a lot of Pinoys and tiangges just like in Divisoria. We ate dinner in Pizza Hut and almost all the meals in their menu are spicy unlike the dishes they offer here in the Philippines. 

Hut's Caesar Salad

Cheesy Mussels

Fish 'N' Chips

Seafood Fiesta Baked Rice

Super Supreme Pizza

After dinner, we went back to the hotel, had some pictures taken at the lobby and 
slept early for the next day's itinerary. 

We had a separate room for us, sisters! Hihi! Here are our beds, BTW! :) Night!

That's all for our departure and hope you enjoyed reading my first Singapore post. More to come!  

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