Charmy's 21st Birthday Wishlist

My birth month is fast-approaching and I can't contain the excitement of me turning twenty-one. Yes, you read it right! I'm turning 21 this year but apparently, a lot of people (maybe you, too) still thinks that I'm only a 12 year-old kiddo playing around. I can't blame all of you considering the fact that my physical appearance (especially my height and facial features) looks like one. Though, I take that as a compliment (it really makes me smile) and I feel so flattered whenever someone perceives me as such. I'm just wondering if I still look this young 30 years from now. Haha!

Speaking of "young", I've reminisced my childhood and I remembered how my parents and godparents used to ask me what do I want for my birthday, for Christmas and for other special occasions. I just love the way how it made me feel blessed having such wonderful creatures who make your wishes come true just like in fairytales.

This time, before I officially enter adulthood, I wanna try making a wishlist again and experience that feeling once again. Let's see which of these will come true on my birthday. :)  

I love shoes and I think every girl does! I have around 15 pairs but my heart still beats fast every time I spot on a really nice pair at the mall. However, to be practical, I can't always spoil myself. So, I'm sharing you some pairs that I would love to receive on my day! :)

1) Taylor Swift's Champion Paw Dot (Teal)
2) Rookie Candy Button (White)
3) Champion Floral (Coral)

1) Grey Pop Cord Women's Classic
2) Purple Crochet  Women's Classic

1) Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Ankle Boot (Black)
2) Harmonic II (Black/White)
3) Harmonic III (Beige/Red)

1) Laminated High-Heel Sandals with Ankle Straps (White)
2) Soft Moccasin (Leather)
3) Mid-Heel Sandals (Nude)

One of the basic needs of human is clothing. I am human, therefore I need to add more clothes to my closet! Hihi! Sorry, I'm such a spoiled kiddo! Some of these are expensive than the usual but worth the price because of their quality and comfort they provide!

1) Petite High Roller Tank
2) Petite Moto Bleach Leigh Jeans
3) Petite Spotty Letter Sweat

1) One Button Blazer (Yellow or Light Orange)
2) Blazer with Gathered Shoulders (Black)
3) Linen Blazer (Fuchsia)

These are not really a necessity but I would still love to have them to complete my outfit! 

Hello Lulu
1) Logan - Nylon Laptop All Day Backpack 15" (Wild Strawberry) 
3) Vanna - Nylon Laptop All Day Tote Bag 15" (Wild Strawberry)

2) Ladies Indian Summer Tri-fold Wallet

I'm an accessories-type of person. I feel incomplete whenever I forgot to wear one, especially my earrings. Maybe, it's just that my Mom used to prep us when we were young and I brought it over the years. Calling Mom! Please read this part! Hihi!  

Juicy Couture
1) Pedigree Gold Watch
2) Crown Necklace

Thomas Sabo
3) Charm Bracelet 

I really love gadgets and other techie stuffs since I was a kiddo and up until now, most of my income goes to these thingys. Maybe, I just can't live without it. It's somewhat a basic commodity of my generation. Here are some gadgets I included on my list. Genie in a bottle, please?  

1) Instax Mini 8 (Pink)
2) Apple iPod Classic (White)
3) JBL Micro Wireless Speaker (Black)
4) Nikon J1 (White)

Gadgets are a lot expensive so I need these accessories to give my gadgets the protection they deserve. 

1) OtterBox iPhone 5 Commuter Series (Avon Pink)
2) Tory Burch Viva Silicone Case for iPhone 5

Kate Spade
3) Deborah Dot iPhone 5 Case
4) Favorite Things iPhone 5 Case

 I have learned to love books since the moment I realized that it's fun reading. But then, I also realized that it takes a lot of budget to be able to acquire hard-bound books. I want to start collecting now and someday, I wanna have a library-like shelves. Please help! Hihi!

1) The Happiness Project from Kikki.K

Keri Smith 
2) Finish This Book
3) Living Out Loud
4) This is not a Book
5) Mess
6) Pocket Scavenger

7) Project Runway Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio & Artist Folder
8) Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio Set

Last is all about FOOD. Yeah, I'm a foodie and a cookie monster. I love macarons and all the sweets in the world. Please give some to the needy like me! Haha! :P One box is enough for my sweet tooth! :P

1) Laduree Macarons from Instagram, @sugarushstore
2) Mrs. Fields Basket of Cookies and Cookie Nibblers

That's all! Or maybe not! :P I won't be lonely or broken-hearted if you can't give me everything on this list. I just want to share the stuffs I would love to receive or buy for myself on my special day! Hihi!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: "It's the thought that counts." Material things are just plain symbolism and I believe that your love and support are the best presents that would really make me happy on that day. 

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P.S. A piece of French Macaron and my 21st Birthday will be the happiest. 

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