Top 9 Fictional Characters I Want to Marry ❤

Recently, #FictionalCharactersIWantToMarry trended on Twitter so I thought of sharing my own list of characters I would want to marry if they are living in our real world. Meet them!

Yeah, Chuck Bass is the Resident Bad Boy in the Upper East Side
but he proved us wrong at the end of the show. He became a changed man - family man and 
Blair Waldorf's husband and true love. I will forever adore him for that.  

Well, Edward Cullen changed all my beliefs about vampires.
He is a Vampire with a Pure Human Heart because he fell in love with Bella Swan.
I wonder how it feels to be loved by a cold-blooded creature and
somehow, I wanna experience being Bella for a day.

Another changed man, Landon Carter. He is the MIRACLE,
Jamie Sullivan has been wishing all her life. I find it amazing how he showed us that
even he is the worst guy in town, he can change for the better because of love.
Indeed, love is the most powerful thing in the world.

Leo taught us how to be an Unconditional Lover no matter how it hurts.
He never forgot his vows to Paige and he never gave up their relationship 'til the end.
I hope there a lot of guys like him nowadays so that every girl on earth is happy and loved.

Luke Brandon, the Most Romantic Character who did everything to
win in Rebecca Bloomwood's bidding for her green scarf.
We saw that no matter how Rebecca lied to him, he still loves her and will do everything for her.

Will Blakelee showed us that being a Young Lover can be tough at times 
but it's worth the while if you are with the one you love; in his case, it's Ronnie Miller.
I hope they had happily ever after in the end. 

The Lover Boy of District 12, Peeta Mellark protected and
would risk his life for his childhood love, Katniss Everdeen.

Stefan Salvatore, the Loving Vampire who also changed my beliefs about their kind.
He has loved Elena Gilbert with all his heart no matter what situation they're into.

The King of Queen Mia's Heart, Nicholas Devereaux showed us that even in the present,
fairytales still do exist and there's still happily ever after despite all the things that
happened between Princess Mia and him.   

How about you? Who are the fictional characters you would want to marry?
Share it with me! :)

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